Winter Lights Hibiscus


Lovely mid reds over flushed with damson.

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Amazing lustre with this rare Teeswater yarn – now on the vulnerable list with the Rare Breeds Survival Trust. With a soft, fine, lustrous fibre, this Teeswater comes from a pedigree flock in Teesdale in the Durham Dales.

A substantial lace/light fingering wool this yarn has a slightly crisp handle but washing and blocking softens the fibres and your finished project will have incredible drape and shine.

Teeswater Premium

LACE/LIGHT FINGERING (akin to a traditional UK 3 Ply) Рa substantial laceweight yarn best described as thick laceweight or skinny sockweight.

100% wool



Perfect for:

  • lace
  • cables
  • socks – the long staple make a naturally strong yarn
  • weaving – produces stunning results

I have loved dyeing this wool, it has responded so well to both subtle tints and deep vibrant colour palettes. The lustre is amongst the best I have ever seen on unblended sheep wool – a treat for the eye


Lovely mid reds over flushed with damson.

Single pedigree flock skeins from Teesdale which are never to be repeated -when it’s gone it has really gone.